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Shamanic Birth Doula

M: So what exactly is a shamanic Doula?
A: There are different types of doulas. A birth doula is someone who supports you in prenatal and during childbirth. They are completely non-judgemental and offer unconditional support. Doulas can’t provide any medical support. A postpartum doula is someone who helps with the transition of bringing home your newborn and recovering.

A shamanic doula offers energetic support to mum, baby and dad prenatal, labour and postpartum.  I specialise in shamanic energy healing, bowen therapy and doula support.  During labour I offer a shamanic birth ceremony and 24/7 text/phone support to mum/dad. I specialize in providing emotional, spiritual and physical support and whatever the family needs.

M: Can you explain the difference between a doula and midwife?
A: A midwife has gone through extensive medical training, while a Doula isn’t qualified to provide medical assistance. A doula is just there to provide support to the mother in any way necessary!

M: So what services do you provide currently?
A: As a shamanic doula, I take on clients who are seeking a deeper conscious spiritual connection with their pregnancy, birth & postpartum journey. A sacred experience for the whanau to come together, honour and heal each trimester in its full radiance.

M: What are some of the benefits for a mother of having a doula during labor?
A: During labor, there has been research showing that doulas can actually help decrease your labor time, they lower the percentages of C-sections, pain-levels, and overall increase the percentage of happy birth experiences.

M: What should an expecting mother look for when searching for a doula?
A: They should definitely be looking for a connection. That person is going to be with you through one of the most important experiences in your whole life, so you have to have a connection and most importantly, trust. You have to trust your doula and know that she has your best interests at heart. With a doula, you have to comfortable having this person in your home and around your precious newborn.

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